Capital of Ukraine is Kyiv
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Тема: Capital of Ukraine is Kyiv


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Українці Лондона розпочали кампанію за коректне вживання назви (чи то правонис...) столиці України англійською мовою - Kyiv. Хто підтримує таку думку - приєднуйтеся.

А що ж маємо в Ірландіїі: Kyiv чи Kiev?


Ukrainians in London are currently in talks with leading British media so they stop using Russian spelling of the capital of Ukraine and use the proper and the original one, which is Kyiv of course.

This has been already reviewed by Ukrainian and Western governments. Now it is only a matter of time and perseverance.

I would like to invite you to join this initiative and to sign a letter to The Economist as well as to forward this message to all people you think should join us too.
If you could publish it in your paper, at least online, this would help our initiative tremendously. We have already gathered nearly 500 signatures, but our target is at least 1000+, so that the British papers stand no chances.

Your email address will not be published and you can also choose to remain completely anonymous. You can sign here:

One small remark: there is no need to donate money once you have signed. This is optional and you are free to do so if you want to support ipetition for their kind services.

You can read more background details on our web-site, where you can also leave your comments.
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